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October 30, 2020

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Water fasting is generally a good way to stay on track in recovery and help promote more efficient use of the body’s resources.

It is the easiest and most convenient way to shed excess weight.

You can do the same on water, food, and exercise.

The primary purpose behind water fasting is to remove unnecessary water, so the body keeps full use of it.

But the body needs water at all times, so to stay on track it uses excess water when it’s hydrated.

As the body uses water, it needs more calories to replace it.

This increases the work load on the cells in the body that can’t move their water around.

And when you reduce the volume of the liquid you drink, you reduce the concentration of water in it.

So you burn more calories as it takes longer to consume the liquid, which increases the work you need to do.

How to do it

For everyone:

Drink water

For people with heart disease, consult your doctor because this may cause blood volume to come back to normal too quickly. Consult your doctor if your blood volume starts dropping.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soda, and other drinks for 24 hours.

How to stop water fasting

Eat foods containing protein and carbohydrates (if you are vegetarian or vegan).

Eat fruits and vegetables more often.

Learn to break down alcohol, caffeine, and other foods. This process is difficult and can be uncomfortable.

If you have been a water fitter, you should try to reduce that amount a little every month or so.

If you are not familiar with this, talk with your doctor.

It’s good to know it is possible to stop water fasting too.

If you are still hungry after your water fasting, or you do anything which causes water starvation, that means you haven’t fully complied with the fasting rules.

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