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October 26, 2020

For the moon to create a moon face is the same as for any new planet: The moon will face the Earth once every 24 hours for a total of 29 days. However, the orbit of the moon has to be different from the orbit of the Earth. The Moon’s orbit is elliptical, so the rate at which it can orbit the Earth is relatively slow. It will reach closest approach to Earth’s orbit just before noon and will approach the Earth’s orbit on the evenings and mornings of about seven and four hours respectively. Once the moon is close enough, it will be captured by the gravity of the Earth and become a satellite.

The position of the moon’s orbital plane along the ecliptic
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The lunar orbit is a circle called an ellipse with length equal to the Earth’s orbit in astronomical units. For the moon to make a lunar orbit, its distance from the Earth at apoapsis (approximately 20 million kilometers) has to be equal to about 2.7 times its orbital diameter (approximately 2.3 million km). Thus every year the lunar orbit moves around twice as far as the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

When the earth passes between the moon and the sun, as per the ecliptic, it places the Earth in a circular orbit that is slightly wider than the diameter of its orbital ellipse (the size of an imaginary circle made up of the distance of the moon from the earth). To move around that circular orbit you must do so in relation to its distance from the ecliptic. This is because the angular velocity of the earth and the moon varies with reference to the center of the earth, which is the center of mass of the earth. That angular velocity is proportional to the angular velocity of the moon with regard to the earth.

When earth passes between the moon and the sun, the position of the earth is modified by the earth in the earth’s orbit around the sun, and is no longer the same as the position of the moon at apoapsis.

So moon is a body. How can I measure how much it is?

To measure the amount of moon by means of a simple equation (see section 4) is easy. When the moon is near its closest approach to earth, called perigee, it will be about 2.7 times the length of the earth’s orbit around the sun. After perigee the moon will be one hundred thousand times more distant than at perigee

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