How many calories do you burn in a day without exercise? – Tips For Dog Weight Loss

October 6, 2020

Calories are the basic units of measurement when it comes to keeping track of the type and amount of calories you burn. For example, in the United States, it’s estimated that a person should burn 1,000 calories in a day to maintain body weight.

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If you don’t want to get too fidgety, take note that you only burn 1,000 calories per day even with exercise, so you need to plan accordingly.

1,000 Calorie Day – Exercising

The table below gives you the calories you burn in a 24 (or 72 hour) day without exercise, which you could easily maintain with eating just as much as you’re consuming at your present rate of calories.

Calories Burned

Time Without Exercise Calorie Burned

Day 1 22:30-23:00 1348 calories Day 2 30:00-31:00 873 calories Day 3 1:00-1:30 564 calories Day 4 1:30-2:00 443 calories Day 5 2:30-3:00 395 calories Day 6 3:00-4:00 344 calories Day 7 4:30-5:00 305 calories Day 8 5:00-6:30 289 calories Day 9 6:30-7:30 275 calories Day 10 7:00-8:30 261 calories Day 11 8:00-9:00 248 calories Day 12 9:30-10:30 246 calories

So to gain this amount of weight, you need to consume:

10,744 calories (1,000 calories per day)

1,869 calories (1,000 calories per day)

1,500 calories (1,000 calories per day)

750 calories (1,000 calories per day)

You still need to maintain an activity level of at the least 15 minutes per day, or you’ll burn calories you don’t burn (and the body will eventually lose water weight).

1,869 Calorie Day – Using Exercise

In this example, you could easily add in exercise to the list of activities you do everyday that would provide 1,700 calories, plus the calories consumed through food. Since calories from protein alone account for 85% of the calorie value, this can be done, but for most people, it’s better to use your own body mass as a weight scale to determine how many calories you burn, not an exercise scale.

1,700 Calorie

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