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October 24, 2020

For years, doctors have told us to cut our food out of our diet. This is true, but only after we’ve had weight loss surgery. Here’s the thing about cutting the food out of your diet: It doesn’t make it better. In fact, cutting it doesn’t make it any worse. As the saying goes, “If you are going to cut from an elephant but you’re still going to eat meat, that is a problem.”

Instead, we need to cut it out of our diet once we’ve lost weight.

We need to take our calories the night before and add them in our post-weight loss calories for the first three days.

And we need to try to add an inch or two, at the most.

You may need to do some research for this one, but here are a few tips:

For example, if you’re eating a 1,500 calorie dinner, and then eat 4,000 calories the next day, you’ve cut yourself out of the 1,500 calorie deficit. That meal will be twice as energy-dense for you. It will be harder to take in the calories, if you haven’t been eating so little.

Here is why you need to eat more throughout the day, not just on the last day.

Even a 1,500 calorie breakfast can burn you 600 fewer calories than a high-calorie day.

Remember that cutting out the food that you normally eat throughout the day can cause problems.
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When a dieter does that, they don’t realize how much the calories are added. They tend to believe that the extra calories come from the foods that they’ve eaten in the past. If you believe that it’s your body’s way of making up for all the energy the carbs burned on an otherwise calorie-rich eating session, you end up cutting out foods that you like. The extra carbohydrates don’t come from the meals they were eating.

The best way to learn about the problem is to eat better. When you find a food that you love and eat it over and over again, the fat starts to make you fat. I have come out with lots of recipes so far on how to cut out these foods. I call them the “good fats” that I’d encourage people to try.

What is good fats?

This is what we need, in order to lose weight.

It’s really important to understand that what makes up fats is

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