How do you lose leg fat? – Weight Loss Calculator

August 20, 2020

It’s a simple answer but when it comes to how to lose your leg fat you should start by following these 3 main points

1. Fat is not your enemy! Fat just makes you less flexible. Most people lose body fat with fat gain at best and some people just regain fat. Fat is a great fat but it’s best to avoid excess amounts.

2. Do the cardio. There’s no need to sweat for a few mins. Just do some brisk walking or push ups. Just be advised though that this will do wonders for your body when you lose your muscle mass because cardio not only keeps you in shape but also keeps you in shape because when you’re exercising you gain muscle mass when you don’t need to.

3. Find low calorie food where you can eat it every day. No calorie count here, just eat a variety that are low in fat and carbs and high in protein. The main thing is to go for something you enjoy. I’m really partial to the “Diet Dessert” for this and it’s only 20 cents a slice!

If that doesn’t work then you need to find a way of staying lean in order gain muscle again.

So if you want to lose excess body fat but then want to gain it back then you have a choice and that’s how I do it!

You keep your calories around 20-35 calories per day and you take these 2 steps (a.m. or evening) then you increase your cardio from 15 minutes to two to three miles a day when you are in the gym and up to one hour and 45 minutes a day when you are relaxed and not exercising.

So in total you can lose fat and gain muscle and it’s a simple as that!

How do you lose muscle mass?

The simplest way is just to increase your cardio, you don’t need to do that much, just keep cardio going for a long time. You do need to start reducing your calories from day to day anyway which is why your cardio should be 30 minutes a day.

But let’s put that into perspective. If you take 30 minutes of cardio every day then you need to lose 40lbs of fat the same as if you did 30 minutes of cardio daily. So if you do 15 minutes a day then you would need to lose 10lbs so your total goal for losing your body fat is 40lbs!

So for a person who is not very good in losing body fat and is actually gaining

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