How do I stop eating at night to lose weight? – Weight Loss Tips In Hindi Exercise

September 27, 2020

In this book you will learn and apply the science behind the science behind “no sleep, no diet” and discover what is the best diet for people with sleep problems.

How do I stop being so sleepy?

If you have been a good sleeper, then you should not have to go into the sleep deprivation stage until you have really developed your sleeping habits and body to sleep consistently or until the last day of school.

“If I can sleep a whole 8 hours per night, if I can sleep in the morning, if I can sleep with a pillow over my head, then I can sleep all night long” – Marilyn Monroe

The problem for too many people is that they stay up all night. Some people have to go to bed at 3 to 4am – even if it is at night. They don’t even notice they have been up. They might think they will take a nap at 4am, but they really haven’t slept that much and still they seem to be very tired on the weekends.

When you make the conscious decision to stop going to bed early, you start getting rid of the sleep problems.

You will be so efficient and able to make so much sense to yourself. It really can make a difference.

The benefits of no sleep?

Not having enough sleep increases the chance of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. It can even contribute to cancer.

It seems that we can’t control our sleep, but we can choose what we do with it. By understanding the science behind sleep, you can become a better sleep-watcher. With a complete understanding of how much sleep you really need, how to get it, and how to make it happen, you will have many more great mornings to wake up to.

“As long as people continue to eat high-carbohydrate, high-protein and low-fat diets (e.g., low glycemic index, high vegetable/low-sugar etc) which have a high glycemic index, the body does not regulate its metabolism at all.” – Alain de Botton, co-author of Longevity

In general, the best sleepers will have an average of 12-16 hours sleep a night. In the early 1990s research in rats showed that this was an optimal amount for reducing obesity and heart disease. Since then more recent research has supported these findings. For example rats that got 11-13 hours and did not get 9 hours of sleep

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