How can I lose weight fast naturally? – How To Lose Weight In 7 Days

August 26, 2020

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In a recent interview, President Obama was asked if ISIS and its other terrorist organizations will remain in Syria after their defeat in Iraq by the United States and its coalition allies.

“I don’t want to comment on those particular strategies,” Obama told Charlie Rose, when asked if al Qaeda and its affiliates could still be a threat to the United States if left unchecked by the United States, which Obama said is the best hope of keeping the Middle East out of the extremist clutches of radical Islamic ideology.

According to Obama, the United States will be working to develop a no-fly zone to make the Syrian military more difficult to destroy.

“The air force must have the ability to be able to detect, identify, target, and hit the kind of capabilities that are being built up by the fighters,” Obama explained. “And I’m not going to pretend that we’ve got such a weapons system, such a machine gun on the front line that we can go down and take down an airplane and put its cockpit back together and it’s not a real threat to our national security.”
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The Syrian military and civilians have made major advances within ISIS-controlled territory and are poised to gain ground. “Their ability to gain ground and gain the sort of momentum that they want to have here is a lot harder than it was in Syria in 2011, 2012,” explained Obama, who pointed out that many of the former Syrian fighters have returned along with their families to their homes in ISIS-controlled territory.

The United States has already begun training local forces who are part of the Syrian army and its coalition partners to fight back against ISIS. The United States is using drones in some of these countries to identify and destroy ISIS targets.

“There have been times in the past where the United States has said in open forums that we’re gonna use these drone assets to protect us. And we never thought these would be available here,” explained Obama. “And so we’re trying to use those assets as soon as we can to make sure that we can protect the United States of the United States against the ISIL attacks that they are planning,

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