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November 29, 2020

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Varian Wrynn was a Stormwind knight who fought alongside his brother, Garrosh, in the Battle of the Broken Shore. Varian is a legendary hero of Azeroth who is regarded as one of the most powerful mages in the world. He later joined the Alliance to fight against the Burning Legion.[1]


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During the Second War, Varian was sent by Daelin Proudmoore, the Warchief of the Alliance, to protect the Warchief of the Ironforge dwarves from the orcs. This was after Garrosh Hellscream had stolen and sold a vast amount of iron ore to the Horde, which the Ironforge dwarves had been working hard to secure and protect as an emergency measure. Varian and Garrosh battled throughout the night and were forced to flee the Ironforge City, leaving a trail of corpses behind them to warn Garrosh.[2]

A few months later, during the Second War’s aftermath, Varian again took part in combat against the Horde. Varian participated in many battles throughout the war,[3] including the Battle of Grim Batol.[4]

Battle for Mount Hyjal

This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
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At some point after the Battle of Grim Batol and the beginning of the Second War, Varian Wrynn was chosen in place of King Varian Wrynn as the new Warchief of the Alliance. He was later promoted to King by King Varian Wrynn, but did not live up to his father’s legacy as leader. On the night that Garrosh Hellscream betrayed the Horde in the War of the Ancients, Varian and Garrosh confronted each other in a duel, and later that night, Varian and Garrosh were both slain by the dying Hellscream.[5] With Garrosh gone for good, Varian became the true Warchief of Alliance, and Garrosh was later executed

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