Does iron pills cause weight gain? – Weight Loss Journey Korean

November 11, 2020

No. Iron pills are safe for everyone, and the recommended levels are well within the body’s normal range.

Is there risk of developing a kidney stone if I take iron pills?

In all cases, patients with kidney stones should not take iron pills. But certain people with kidney stones can benefit from an iron supplement.

Is there any way to know whether the iron tablets I have been taking are the good ones?

Yes. If you get information that it is not the best tablets, you can ask for a refund at the pharmacy.

Can I take iron pills while pregnant?

The only way iron pills can harm a developing fetus during pregnancy is if a patient swallows small amounts of the pill. In that case, the dose will be too low to cause harm to the baby.

Does iron pills have any other side effects?

Yes. You may get sick for a few days, if you take too many iron pills. You will need to cut down or stop taking those pills.

Can I take iron pills if I’m a smoker or have a history of heart disease?

Yes, if needed. If you smoke, a doctor will tell you how much iron you can give. It will depend on how soon your weight stops improving or how much smoking causes you to gain weight.

What kind of heart problems can iron pills cause?

Iron pills can interfere, or cause problems, in a woman’s heart:

In the first months of pregnancy

At certain ages in the first months, when a woman is not ovulating

In the days preceding, after, or during labor

In some women taking oral contraceptives or birth control pills.

During pregnancy or if a pill fails to prevent miscarriage

Do you need to take a special medicine in order to take iron pills? Ask a doctor.

Some pregnant women may feel the need to take extra medicine to make sure that their little ones can get enough iron. Talk to your doctor.

Can I take iron pills if I have heart problems?

You can have a heart murmur – a heart sound, like that of a beating heart – even without knowing you have a heart problem. And if you have a heart murmur in addition to a heart problem, you will require a heart transplant. If you do need a transplant, your doctor will need to see how much iron you need and in what dosage.

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