Why are military tattoos called? – Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Women Behind Neck Pulldown

October 2, 2020

Tattoos are seen in military life as both a way to identify who we are and what we will ultimately do, and to mark our pride in our service, or to honor a deceased loved one.

What is the difference between tattooing, or body art, and Body Piercing?

Tattooing is an art form that takes place under the guidance of experienced and qualified professionals, including tattoo artists and body art workers.Body piercing is a piercing procedure that is done from a “perimeter piercing”. The piercing is to be worn directly in the body with a metal plate.

Why is the Navy Tattoo Program important to me?

Your Navy tattoo will be a permanent part of you. Your tattoo will express your history and your personality. It will communicate your desire to serve in the Navy as a proud Sailor.

What is the difference between Military Marksmanship School, the Marksmanship Academy, and the Marksmanship Unit?

The Marksmanship Academy and Unit mark an individual as a qualified marksman. The Marksmanship Course provides the information needed to become an approved marksman. The Marksmanship Course is taught by Naval Marksmen, Naval Special Warfare School graduates, and other qualified professionals in an atmosphere of support and freedom and a setting where participants are encouraged to take initiative in their own personal development.

How many Navy personnel have been tattooed since World War II?

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