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August 29, 2020

“A lot of my friends have them on, but I know people who don’t. I get many comments on my face from people who don’t ever wear them. I’ve gotten a lot of attention about it,” he said.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights has been investigating the death of Russian human rights activist and lawyer Evgeny Buryakov, the office of the UN high commissioner for human rights said Saturday.

Buryakov was shot after being detained on November 21 in a Moscow square during a hunger strike following the arrest of him and other human rights defenders.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spokesman Stephane Dujarric said “all necessary assistance has been provided” to the family of the 33-year-old. A United Nations report to be issued Sunday and dated Nov. 23 will “address the specific circumstances of Mr. Buryakov’s death and what may have precipitated it,” he said.

Dujarric said it was “too early” to talk about possible charges under Russia’s anti-terrorism code. “The investigation is still on going,” he said.

In October, Russia called on the UN Commission on Human Rights to carry out an independent international investigation into the case. That request was later rejected in response to a diplomatic dispute.

The UN Commission on Human Rights is a UN body whose decisions are binding on member states.

After a week of speculation about potential replacements, and two days of the most intense drama in this race’s history, it’s no surprise some candidates were not asked on Sunday who they would vote for.

Gov. Chris Monneseck III was asked about it on Sunday, when he was asked whether any of the candidates he is considering for the job should leave the race.

Monneseck, who was in a wheelchair and had a heavy back, is reportedly considering a fourth-place finish in the Feb. 12 primary on the Republican side. Former Gov. Gary Johnson has emerged as his top choice, according to polls.


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The debate on NBC’s “Meet the Press” was interrupted at first by a phone call in which Monneseck revealed who he is considering and why.

Monneseck said he is a former Republican who has worked with

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