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November 1, 2020

Before it was cool to be seen with a tattoo, there was a time when having a scar on your forehead was seen as a sign of weakness, and a sign of a man who had no sense of self discipline.

During the 1800’s the tattoo was a tool to show that you were of high status and you had a lot of money. After that, people began to think of tattoos as something that looked good on you, but didn’t show anything else.

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So while it’s technically true that an African American, who just had a small scar, could have a large tattoo in a number of places, there is no such way to tie those tattoos to your social status, other than the way a black supremacist might look at an individual as being of low status. The history of the meaning of tattoos is only relevant as a tool to show that you had money.

How does the definition of a tattoo change over time?

What’s the difference between a scar and a patch? These are not the same. The way they were used, if you were in a social or professional situation, you could get a “striped” patch or a “full” scar and it would have been more in terms of aesthetic.

A scar was just a patch, and the purpose of a full-striped patch was to show that you had money and were a man. So instead of people “tattooing” that you were a man or a white supremacist, you could just get a patch.

In other countries a guy could get a full-striped tattoo and say, “Look how good I am, I bought my own gun,” and then nobody would take it seriously.

The way some people want to define a tattoo has changed based on what people want it to mean. I was the opposite.

In fact, I would be in favor of the definition of a tattoo changing as well.

What do we call a tattoo?

I’d call it a patch.

When I was a kid when I was little kids what we called each other on the street was a patch. What were my parents doing to me when I grew up? Well, they had a kid with a full skin peel, and that was what we called it.

That’s part of the reason that I think that a tattoo is kind of like a scar; they’re both patches. They’re both just part of your body that you use to show respect

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