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September 8, 2020

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I am a tattoo artist, will I be required to ink my patients?

All tattoo artists are required to tattoo their patients. All tattooists who perform in the state of California must tattoo all medical and dental patients.

Do I have to wait to finish an appointment to start an appointment for a different patient?

No, you can go back to begin your appointment as far in advance as you want to.

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is required when you are preparing your tattoo for submission or when you have a change of plans. All other tattoos, regardless of what part of the body they are on, can be tattooed in a day or two.

How long is my appointment?

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It is recommended that an appointment is made a minimum of 12 hours prior to your tattoo appointment time on the day. However, we can get you in place early if you wish.

What if I fail to present my appointment date?

If you fail to present your tattoo appointment time on a certain day, it is important to provide us with a valid date on which you submitted your paperwork for your appointment. If you do not provide a valid date or you are late for your appointment time, we can place a temporary hold on your tattoo license, with or without payment. Please do provide us with the correct date that they submitted your paperwork and if you cannot get it in time we will cancel it.

How many people can I have tattooed in my appointment?

You can have up to five (5) tattooed participants at one tattoo, however if you need additional tattoo space we require that you use our online space reservation form so that everyone gets tattooed in one place.

Is I allowed to skip the waiting period, or get tattoo done later?

No, you cannot skip or get tattooed later than you have already. If you choose to skip the waiting period for an appointment, you must pay to have it postponed. If you will have extra time, it can be agreed to with the tattoo artist.

Can I tattoo more people in my appointment?

Absolutely, but the limit is two (2) for each patient, for example in an adult male and female. We can schedule a smaller capacity and/or smaller number. You will be notified of the

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