What religion Cannot touch dogs? – Tattoo Ideas For Upper Arm Sleeve

October 14, 2020

Yes, you can, and should.
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The Bible is full of examples of this, many that you will recognize from the Bible. The “no” option means, of course, that a certain verse cannot be read. This is the only exception to the rule that “Christians cannot worship dogs”, but since that does not change the fact that dogs do have something to eat, you can still worship them under the same rule and not be called a “Christ-hater.” (And as this was a discussion on the topic of the Bible and not about dog-beliefs, I think most people will agree that dogs are a special type of food for God; and the fact that the Bible says so is a solid proof that that God wants the dog food on the table for His people.)

Other things that do not make a “No” choice:

The Christian church is no place where dogs are welcome…even by their owners.

There are dog sacrifices in the Bible every time there’s a problem.

I can also not eat chicken and pork, since those products are eaten in their respective cultures (you should eat a small amount of poultry from time to time in any case).

I can not eat the kosher “kosher” food as it is in all Jewish communities around the world, but that seems like a silly restriction anyway.

If I want dog food from “non-kosher religious establishments” like cat and dog food stores/markets — even in the United States — I need a religious exemption. And I have several of those. But some people have issues with this, which I’m not sure is relevant to this discussion and how I would approach it. So I’ve added the comments “I can eat dog food without an exemption” section to my list above.

Are I the ONLY one in this situation?

Yes, a few people have a problem with it:

A friend of mine has a Jewish dog named Elko, who eats cat food. But I have no problem with Elko whatsoever, because I love the dog, but I also love cats and don’t want them to have anything to do with Elko — and I don’t believe he has to be near cats, so he does not need to be in my home. I have no issue with him having the Jewish dog food since it’s kosher, unless some religious group is offended by the cat food.

There is also the problem of the vegetarian

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