What makes a bad tattoo? – Tattoo Designs For Male Wrist With Meaning

September 1, 2020

“Tattoos usually have a negative effect on the person wearing the tattoo because people feel humiliated when they receive a tattoo,” she said. “And the tattoo can also make people feel ashamed and embarrassed.”

However, she said many good and positive tattoos also have negative effects. Many people are turned off by an ugly or unattractive tattoo in order to avoid the perceived “bad vibe” they might feel when dealing with that particular person. The negative effects can be seen in the “negative reactions that people sometimes have towards tattoos,” according to Drexler.

That said, Drexler said the overall “quality” of tattoos can be very high.

“I always say that the best tattoo that I’ve ever had was when I was 21 – I had a pretty bad tattoo, but it was good – and it did not really make me feel inferior or anything like that, and the more tattoos I get… the more often I see positive things from tattoos.”

Drexler also noted that having tattoos is often a reflection of the personality of the people who’ve put their own heart and soul into them. For instance, people in other professions who have tattooed themselves can find those tattoos attractive and memorable, she said.

“The most important thing is that if people want to do tattoos… they should be comfortable with the consequences,” Drexler said. “If an artist feels uncomfortable putting tattoos on someone or doesn’t like how the tattoos look, they should know how they can avoid the possible negative effects of that kind of tattoo.”

Drexler recommends that people do not worry about the outcome of the ink being on them, and she recommends they let the tattoo artist make an accurate assessment of how the tattoo will look.

“The artists in my opinion shouldn’t need the tattoo artist to make a guess about how the tattoo will look or what it will look like,” Drexler said. “That’s what I do – I find my way through it.”

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