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August 12, 2020

It’s a tattoo design style that is created by Japanese tattooists and is known as Japanese Style Tats in the United States. In Japan, it is known as Shinto or Shintoist tattoos. Shinto is a term used in Japan for a religion or way of life developed from Shinto teachings.

What is the tradition of Shinto-style tattooing?

Most Shintoists are born into a Shinto family, but many also start or grow up with a religious or spiritual background which then influences their choice of tattoo art.

When are Japanese style tattoos popular in the U.S.?

Japan has seen many Japanese-style tattoos from the 1960s on up. They started to emerge in the 1980s with a series of high profile pop-culture and fashion images created by artist Yasuhito Yamauchi. The popularity was eventually followed by others who would popularize similar designs including tattoos made by the likes of artist Shigetsu Yamauchi, and Shohoko Yamauchi of Hello Kitty fame.

In 1988, several Japanese artists began to popularize the style. Yoshitomo Okamura and Yoshida Matsuo combined their art to create a style that many would say captured the Japanese-Japanese-American dream of making tattoos their own and their own, to become part of an established community.

Does Shintoism influence Japanese Style Tats tattoo art?

Yes, a large percentage of the designs created by Japanese tattoo artists include elements from the religion. In fact, one of the first shintoist tattoos done at the end of the 1990s was called “Aka” which has the kanji for “God” on it for “the Japanese way of living or worship.” This came to be called the “Aka Shintoist Tats” or “Akas Tats” by the tattooing world.

Does Japanese tattoo art have a connection to the Japanese martial arts?

There are certain Japanese art styles that are related to and derived from the martial arts. Samurai tattoos can be traced back to this time period. Most of the shintoist style tattoos done today are just variations on designs created through Japanese tattoos.

Can I still be Japanese-style tattooed?

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Yes, Japanese Style Tats tattoos can be done on all skin types and tattoos can be done on both masculine and feminine skin tones.

Why do Japanese style tattoos look so different from Japanese tattoos?

When the tattoos were

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