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September 24, 2020

If you are Muslim you should know that women have no rights to marriage. So if she is raped by her husband (or by his man) they won’t call it ‘haram’. This is because the words ‘haram’ is derived from the word ‘haram’, which means “out of the limits”. It has been used to describe many acts in the Qur’an which are not prohibited by the law of the land.

You should know that if you do not obey any of the rules which are made obligatory for your fellow, you will not be considered as a prophet according to Islam. Therefore, what Prophet or Messengers did not follow (as a prophet) will not be considered as legal as their predecessors.

Now, if you are a Muslim, then you should know that in the Bible it says that any man “who has a wife” (Genesis 3:15), and if a man can have a “woman” he is allowed to kill her in case that she tries to kill his children (Genesis 21:25). So a prophet is allowed to kill a woman who tries to kill his children.

So, for example, if you have more children, then you can marry your slave daughters to a man who has more children. This means that you are allowed to take a mother’s sons or daughters to your new house, just as he had to take his slaves to his house. Then he can force them in to slavery. The word haram refers to actions or behaviour that can’t be prescribed by the Law of the Land and so are banned.

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So the words “haram” simply mean “non-permitted” and that is what “numerous laws have forbidden, but these have not been given final acceptance by the Qur’an”, said al-Albani in another blog.

For example in the Qur’an, there are certain rules that are forbidden for women. For example, a married woman (i.e, a woman who has more than one husband according to the Shariah) who has intercourse (with her husband) outside of marriage and has it performed by a Muslim. In other words, if she is not a Muslim she has an “illegitimate” wife in Islamic Law.

But if you are an un-Muslim, if you are a woman or a girl who doesn’t have a husband (as stated under the first part), then you are still allowed this behaviour.

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