What is haram for a woman? – Cute Dragon Tattoo Designs For Women

September 6, 2020

He who takes what must be used for himself, then he is a woman [the one from whom he takes it], and not a man who is her husband. He does not become halãz, for he does not take what is taken for his wife.

When you speak to men, do not ask them for help or advice but speak honestly and kindly to them. Do not make them say anything bad about you, for it would not be fair to talk about it in front of men. Say: “Shall I not ask the Prophet, may peace be upon him, whether the menstruating woman is allowed to wear a loose cloth on her?” The Prophet said: “You don’t know yet,” and so it is not right for you or for him so much as to talk about it.” (Muslim) Thus the woman has no right to refuse to wear clothes for herself. She must either agree with the husband’s command or else submit to it, and then they will come together in marriage, and the husband is not obliged to help the woman from a physical or financial standpoint. The husband will be responsible for the payment of her dowry, and as long as she lives he will not be obliged to provide for her or marry her away. As for an infidel, he is completely dependent on his wife and the only obligation he carries is to maintain her.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The marriage is the binding of the contract” and then added the next phrase: “So the women ought to have the qualities of the best of maidens”. And again he said: “By Allah, if two people can give the same advice on marriage, the latter won’t be better than the former. Why is that? Because they only differ in their different opinions and different interpretations and differing definitions”. And then the husband and wife take their stand in the way and the husband gives the advice. The wife’s obligation is to give the advice of her husband, and the obligation of the husband to give the advice of his wife are two opposing and conflicting duties. The woman may not wish to do what her husband tells her to do nor may she wish to follow his advice. She must ask him to explain why she cannot do something. If he says: “This is the way Allah commands us, this is true”, then tell her what Allah tells them. If he says: “This is not the right way”, tell her what his opinion is. If he says: “It is not

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