What is haram for a woman? – Compass Rose Tattoo Designs Lower Back Women Tattoo

September 25, 2020

I would like to tell you an example of this haram. If one of you were to approach a woman who is married (to another man). The man would take the clothes off her; and the woman would give him back the clothes and then become pregnant. And should the other man ask to marry her. If the woman says, “Forgive me.” He (the man) would say, “I swear by Allah that you are the one whom I married a little while ago.” Then the woman would become pregnant (and would not return to the man) so Allah made her not lawful unless Allah decided (for her) and prescribed a cure for her.


5. If a man is a wife’s guardian who is living in that house, and the woman accuses him of having had intercourse with someone else and she says, “I was not married before him,” he must divorce her until six months have passed. And should she say later, “I was married before him,” he must divorce her until the marriage contract is completed and the time for divorce has expired.


6. If a woman is one of you married with another man and she says, “I was not married before you,” and should a man ask her to marry him. She says, “No,” and should his husband ask her later, she would not be made lawful if she said “There was no such thing before you. May Allah destroy you,” and thereupon a time would pass between the saying of the two statements.
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7. If a man were to ask a woman (for) a marriage proposal, and would say, “I am an old man or I am a young man,” and she would not listen to him. Then he would say, “There is no such thing as a young man or a old man.” Then she would become his wife for two years, after which it would not be lawful for him to divorce her.


8. If a man marries a woman,

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