What is a tattoo design? – Tattoo Designs For Women

November 18, 2020

A tattoo design is based on a specific theme or type of skin. The following are important tattoo designs that can change your skin.


A tattoo design of a caged bird. The bird is usually black and white, with red, yellow, and green feathers.


A tattoo design of a drapey fabric on a woman’s upper back.


A tattoo design of a drapey fabric on a woman’s upper back.

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A tattoo design with tiny beads of blood on the skin.


A tattoo design with flat cheeks.


A tattoo design with hazel eyes or irises.


A tattoo design. The design contains a number of tiny hooks and eyes.

Hooded, left

A tattoo design with a white hood, a green or red-colored face that hides a mouth, yellow eyes, and large teeth.

Hooded on right

A tattoo design with a yellow-colored hood, a dark-colored face, a green-colored face with red eyes, and black teeth.

Long sleeve

A long sleeve garment with black or white stripes down the length.


A tattoo design with a thin hem in a black skirt.

Shoulder pads

A tattoo design with a few patches to resemble shoulder pads.


A tattoo design has a specific color and texture.


A tattoo design shows the outline of the body’s skin.


A tattoo design without the outline of the body’s skin. This is the most popular design used today.


A tattoo design without any markings.


A tattoo design that depicts a blood-drinking vampire.


A tattoo design is found when you have a small area. For example below is a tattoo design that shows on the back of your neck, in the middle of your chest.

Full body

A tattoo design with one or a few tattoo designs.

Small tattoo

A tattoo without detail, like on your body.

Small tattoo-face

A tattoo design. The tattoo is small. With no detail at all.


A very

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