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November 22, 2020

Samanuians have a rich cultural heritage, and have a long and celebrated history in tattoos. Many different styles of tattooing have developed over the centuries in Samoa, and now there are quite a few styles available to Samoans. There are two primary categories: tattooing of skin and tattoos of body ornaments.

Skin tattooing: This is the oldest and most common way of tattooing. It was developed a few centuries ago as a way of protecting the skin when people worked in harsh environments.

Sunglasses, hats, belts, etc. can easily be tattoos. Body ornaments tattoos: These are typically used when traditional healers, medicine men and women are unable to safely tattoo. The tattoos are often very intricate designs that represent the shape and style of a piece of body art.

Types of Sapeus Tattooing Styles

There are so many types of Samoan Tattooing Styles, that these pages will not be able to provide them all.

If you’re at all familiar with Samoan Culture, you’ll likely remember some of the different styles that have been used for tattoos. Here are a few of the most common styles of Samoan tattoos. Each type has a specific purpose and meaning, and can help you discover your own personal style.

There are many variations on the Sapea tattoo, however, they are not difficult at all to understand. Each style is a blend of traditional Samoan art and modern techniques so that the tattoo fits the body well.

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Sapea has a number of advantages, in addition to providing a form of protection. Sapea is a traditional tattoo that includes a series of images. Some use a series of concentric circles, others use a three-dimensional design with large spirals or circles. Each section of the design has a name meaning, and the design itself can also be a traditional type of Sapea Tattoo.

Sapea Tattoo Styles

Traditional Sapea

Traditional tattoo style is known around the world and has been developed in Samoan Art to protect the skin from the elements and prevent cancer and illness.

Traditional Samoan Sapea Tattoo is usually done with one piece and one piece only.

The design consists of a circle that wraps around the body.

The design itself, usually is a combination of colors, patterns, etc.

Traditional Samoan Sapea is the most versatile of Sapea

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