What is a Samoan tattoo called? – Tattoo Designs Sketch

November 8, 2020

For the past few years, I’ve been asked “are you a Samoan tattoo?” If I am, I’m a “Samoan” tattooed. As one who is constantly being asked this, I can only agree with everyone at this point. The only good thing about Samoan tattoos is that they can be seen all over the place, so one might see me in a picture on the front page of GQ. What are people making of my Samoan Tattoos? So many people seem to be surprised by my Samoan tattoos because I’m white, but that’s because they really don’t know what to make of the tattoo. It’s hard for them to make sense out of a tattoo that just has a letter, or even what to call it, on one side. It also doesn’t help that when I’m speaking about them, I’m the white one. And now I know how much harder it is for people to tell what is going on with me than it is for my Samoan friends. I’m pretty certain everyone on campus doesn’t know this. And when I tell them, they are usually surprised. I mean there are people who I know that actually call me the Samoan name, but everyone seems to find out after I tell them that I’m Asian. The other thing you might want to know is that my Samoan tattoos are usually different from ones on white people. Maybe you’ll think I’m talking about different kinds of tattoos or different colors of ink or something like that. But that’s not what it’s really about at all. It’s just that my tattoos always look like Samoan tattoos because I’m in one of those Asian countries.

Did I tell you about the time I was doing the Samoan tattoo at the University of San Diego? Yes you did! It was all the way back in 2011. I was just about to go on with my coursework and I decided to go do the Samoan tattoo. I think because I was so excited to go over to Thailand, I didn’t put it off long enough. It was a full day of classes and all and by the time I came back for school the whole idea of doing the tattoo was blown away from my mind. So I did it. It was my choice and I guess my choice was to do it at the University of San Diego. I guess because the school did the tattoo first on the white kid and not on me in my own right, they were quick to accept the call and do it.

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