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October 3, 2020

An Old One has become a new person – this is very important since it is the first step in his evolution. The process is not so short as to be too simple. A New One evolves over his lifetime, gaining more and more knowledge, experience, and knowledge. The first to be transformed into a New One is an Old One.

A New One’s life is a constant process of learning and growing more and more – in its beginning, it has just as well been the process of acquiring a new “gene” for the New One. To have a New One one needs to do the following:

1) Acquire the Knowledge of the New One

The learning of a New One is a slow process. It does not involve the acquiring of new knowledge about himself and the Universe. It is the process of gaining the knowledge of the essence of this individual (New One). The New One’s knowledge is not the most important in this process, but it is the most important – it can bring his life to a new phase of growth that is far more enjoyable for him.

2) Learn to Live with the Old One without Giving Up or Abandoning His Life

This process is a continuous process of learning and growth that takes places over the course of life. It involves learning to give up the old and to learn to live without giving up. So the process of growing the New One means learning to give up the old and to learn to live with and without the Old One. In the process that the New One takes on the form of an Old One, he learns to “live without being a part of this world”, in which his life is divided into two parts: the physical and the mental. Therefore, the New One cannot live in solitude, he must take his actions out of the realm of life of this physical world, and into the realm of the mental world. In this way, the New One grows on the basis of his mental existence.

3) Understand the Nature of the Old One

Now, a New One understands that the Old One is just the reflection of the essence of the Absolute. The New One understands that all these things were, are and will be revealed in the last and ultimate age of the universe. He is able to recognize the essence of the Old One just as he recognizes that he was created and brought into existence. Therefore, the New One understands that the Old One is merely an expression of the essence of that which he is, that this essence is

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