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November 6, 2020

There are many theories about what the Malu really means. One has a man in a long, flowing cloak, wrapped in an eerie, wavy pattern he is using to keep the air from turning to ice. The other has a group of people who wear blue and white and have a symbol on a red circle on their bodies.

The symbol used by the men are often called the “Malu.”

The Malu is the only rune of the ancient Mayan race; their original identity.

See these fascinating facts about the history of the Malu!

Who Are the Mayans?

The Mayans were an ancient people of Southern Mesoamerica. They originally lived in the region of the Sierra Madre and Tamaulipas in the southern part of the country, where they were known as the Maya. They were the ancestors of all Mayans, and they practiced many religious and political traditions during the time when they lived in great harmony with their world.

This site is dedicated to the Mayan culture.

Why Am I Here?

It is a sacred place to the Mayans. They consider it to be a sacred object.

Why Does This Site Matter?

Because it is one of only a small number of places around the world where ancient Mayan artifacts are still being excavated after having been destroyed over a long time ago. Because of our dedication to preserving the ancient language and culture of the Maya people, we have the privilege of looking at some of their most important artifacts.

This site has been protected for over sixty years under the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1989, which makes it illegal to remove, destroy or relocate a Maya site of cultural importance unless there is a legitimate educational, scientific or heritage use for it.

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We have a long history with the Mayans. The Mayan language is spoken on a huge part of the Mexican and Central American continent and is one of our most ancient languages. The Maya themselves called the people that built those pyramids the Mayans. What we are doing here means that people can see the remains of a civilization that has long been lost.

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