What does the Catholic Church say about cremation? – Tattoo Designs Small

August 27, 2020

Cremation and a Catholic funeral are two completely separate concepts, but I think the Church would be comfortable with you asking about them together. The Church has always had a firm Catholic view on both concepts, although many of our early bishops, when dealing with the question of whether to accept a Christian person being cremated, spoke out in favor of cremation. This view was strengthened, for example, when Pope St. Pius V had his people, in the early 1500’s, teach the Church that the body of a Christian not dead on earth but interred in a church cemetery was sacred and should be cremated and that the body of dead and buried Catholics was to be interred with the others in a “church cemetery,” not in a church tomb.

Can cremation be a positive process? I don’t know if being cremated makes you holy enough to be saved without being damned, but if you ask me, I’m not sure.

I wouldn’t want to know, as a Catholic, whether you are, or are not, going to heaven. That is what the Church teaches.

Cremation can be performed legally, as in the United States, but that is only a temporary measure. If you are a criminal trying to commit a crime and want to be cremated, it would take weeks to find out how you are going to be treated and by whom. Even if you wanted to change your mind and decide to be cremated, there would be very little support and resources available to offer it to you.

If you choose to be cremated, you must go through a long process of planning and planning, of making sure that you have all the information you need before you get to the end — and of preparing yourself in order that you can go through this process safely and legally. If your husband is an alcoholic or if there is a medical problem that might be present, you must consider that he is not going to make it through his own cremation, and you might have to take that away from him in order to protect yourself. If it turns out to be necessary to take that away, so be it.

You could be cremated after you marry. But that’s not uncommon, and it has an emotional cost of its own. You might even consider not being married to him during your period. And if, for whatever reason, you want to have children, the Church has certain criteria. If your husband is physically incapacitated without adequate nourishment, you

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