What does new school tattoo mean? – Cool Small Tattoos For Guys Chest

November 28, 2020

Are students in your school going to tattoo for the first time in their lives? Take a look…

What Is New School Tattoo?

New school tattoo is a symbol of change and a way to express that that someone hasn’t necessarily changed that much.

To make this symbol more memorable, school tattoos have a strong visual element to them and there will often be a large tattoo of a picture of the student with a red, white or blue border.

Typically, school-themed tattoos appear on people’s forearms on the day of starting school.

School-themed tattoos typically start after the first day of school. As the student matures, more colors, patterns, and designs are used to make the new school tattoo stick out more on the client.

Because school tattoos are used to make students want to be more active and take the lead, parents look at students and determine the best school that will best fit the lifestyle of a college student.

What Makes a New Tattoo Unique?

Every student will wear new school tattoos and students do their own unique thing with them.

Many school-themed tattoos will say something like:

“You’ve had it,” meaning another time.

The students know this as new school means they are finally ready to make new friends and start on the path to maturity.

Other school-themed tattoos also say something along the lines of “I got this,” meaning they are ready to begin and have made something of themselves.

You may wonder how the school-themed tattoo artist was informed and educated on this topic – there are a few different reasons why it can be so special for the school student.

This may be caused by what is known as ‘the child in the room’.

When you are young your mind is set to a certain life path and you will not be able to envision anything but going through the same journey as others in the group.

As this becomes more of a reality, it can become more important to have a school tattoo that reflects the change in you and your experiences at school.

Another reason that school-themed tattoos are so special are that schools are considered a place of transition and a place of new beginnings.

In addition to being a way to make you feel more comfortable, a school-themed tattoo of a red star is meant to symbolize that you are starting to move forward – it is the beginning of a full-time path to success.

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