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August 8, 2020

For those who are just learning about tattooing or those who do not have a degree in tattooing, this definition is usually the most helpful.

This tattooing can be done under the skin with a sharp edge. The image is usually shown on the back of the neck but may be on the cheeks, the upper arm or even in the palm of your hand.

Do you do flash tattoos?

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For many tattooers, flash tattoos are just as important as tattoos on the skin.

Flash tattoos are very visible so when asked about them, you will usually be given an answer that includes, “flash tattooed”.

However, flash tattoos are actually a small percentage of the tattoos done for a reason. There are a few things at play and one of them can be explained with just one word:

Growth Factor

Growth factors are just what they sound like – they are “growth factors” created by other tissue in the body that provide the body with essential nutrients. For those who have never experienced any of these changes, or those who want to know more about what they are and how they work, watch the video on tattoo growth factors below.

Some other important terms and concepts in this article:


These are small, secreted molecules that control your development and development of your body. This is an important concept for those who have not heard about them. This includes hormonal changes and many of the common ones, such as growth hormone, testosterone, growth stimulation hormone and others.

For those with a body structure other than Caucasian, other body parts also contain these hormones:

The pituitary gland – this is responsible for producing and regulating the thyroid hormone; this is why people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis often have thyroid problems when they do not have Hashimoto’s.

The hypothalamus – in this area of the body, there are hormones like leptin, which are known to control appetite.

Aldosterone and DHT – these are hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands and other glands in the body. People with high levels of these hormones in their bodies are known to have problems with weight control; and in the body of men who have very low levels, a lot of symptoms appear.

Estrogens – these are hormones produced in the ovaries and other reproductive organs.

Hormones of the Blood (BH) – these hormones are produced in the liver in response to

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