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August 11, 2020

Traditional tattoos are tattoos that are done by the artists themselves. Usually, the tattooist works on a regular tattoo for a year to year, and then works on a traditional tattoo. These tattoos, which are done on an ordinary tattooing machine, require the assistance of a staff member to keep it neat.

They can take some years to look like a traditional tattoo, and this time is more valuable for the artist. Traditional tattoos that are done in some traditional art studios for the duration are done on traditional tattooed skin, which means they have to be done in a room with a clean room, and with a dedicated tattoo artist for that.

Traditional tattoos do not take as much time to look like a traditional tattoo as they do on a regular tattoo. They are also done on the body by the traditional tattooists with traditional tools instead of using modern machines.

Where can I buy traditional tattoos in Malaysia?

You can find traditional tattoos to the left and right of the photograph below. Click on them and you’ll be taken to a website where you can see all available traditional tattoos from Malaysia.

Traditional Tattoos from Malaysia

Traditional tattoos to be found in Malaysia

If you find any particular Traditional Tattoo in Malaysia, please feel free to leave a comment on that post.

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The Dharma Wheel used to represent the Noble Eightfold Path, The ...
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