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September 13, 2020

Yes! As your artist, you have complete discretion over who can and cannot design tattoos, when and how they are designed, and how you present them. We strongly encourage you to make your choices on an individual basis and as you decide what works with you, based on your own personal style and artistic vision.

(CNN) Hillary Clinton had a simple message for an American audience on Friday: America can do better — and she’d be proud to do it.

“The question is not whether you can stand up for principles,” the former secretary of state told a crowd of more than 1,000 in Las Vegas. “The question is whether you can get out from under the cloud of your past selflessness.”

Clinton added her own message: “The best we are going to do moving forward is what we have already done at home and our values.”

Clinton’s most provocative remarks came just after 3 p.m. ET — a few hours before a big news conference in New York. But even before her remarks, some Democrats were already hinting that she’s running for president in 2020.

Speaking at a rally Friday afternoon, Nevada Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam, for example, went as far to say the next president should pick a man who shares his values, who understands the nation is at war with radical Islamic terrorism and who would stand up for America in the world.

The Republican National Committee reacted with indignation, accusing Clinton of “playing games” with American voters.

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“She’s playing the gender card and pandering to the political press elite,” RNC spokesman Mike Allen said. “She’s telling millions of Americans to vote for her in 2020 based on her gender instead of showing the American people what she plans to do as a leader in the White House to protect their security, expand their opportunities and defend the freedoms they enjoy.”

‘Lifting up’

During her remarks, however, Clinton didn’t pull any punches. She blamed Trump for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the turmoil in the nation in general — but specifically hit back at Trump for calling her “crooked Hillary.”

“There’s no place for racists in America,” she declared. “There is no place for people who peddle hate in the aftermath of a tragedy. This election is too important to allow

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