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November 30, 2020

I want to try it.” It is the latest entry in a market where a recent growth spurt has meant the market is bigger than ever.

“Some clients are looking at this as an escape,” Mr Maughan said. “We’ve seen people getting in at work or going out on weekends and being in a really relaxed environment in front of a mirror. There’s an opportunity to build a relationship with your clients through good customer service, good communication and good tattooing.”

Some of the best clients in the business are finding success through online marketing that involves using social media to tell customers how they can shop online with them. They can also get advice and tips from Facebook and Instagram pages or blogs run by other tattoo artists. Other outlets include social media pages started for tattoo artists and online communities.

“People are finding their own niche,” said Justin Brown, tattoo artist and owner of Katt Tattoo.

“For a long time people would say, ‘if I’m going online, why would I come through the gallery?’ But now there are opportunities to find your voice [online] from just about anywhere and any language. I hear back from people about what I did to them. It changes their perception of you. If you’re a tattoo artist, maybe you can build your customer base.”

There are also opportunities for entrepreneurs to start up businesses.

Cameron McEwan, a tattoo artist in Sydney, has set up a community web site and set up a Facebook page for new business. He has already had an increase in visitors but some might not be familiar with his business.

“There have been some clients who would not have come to the gallery on their own and a few that have come through the site,” he said.

He said most people had a problem finding a tailor – although this was changing, with online shopping taking off and more people buying from the internet.

“Some people come on to the site for the first time and they don’t understand what you are saying but the next thing they know you have the tattoo taken off your arm,” he said. “There has been an awareness of this on the internet, which is great.”

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