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September 23, 2020

The word Alcoholic is from the root an, which means to drink. Alcoholic is also the translation of the word drunken. This comes from Greek οεπείρεστωι, which means “drunk.” Alcoholic is also related to alcohol and is the Latin term for wine. Alcoholic in Hebrew usually means a drinker. Thus is is translated as both drinker and a drinker. Some people mistakenly believe the word has come to English because it is a contraction of alcoholic. That is not the case. In the Greek Bible both the Greek and the Hebrew word are spelled the same. The Greek word was derived from the Hebrew word.

The Hebrew term was formed from the Greek word. But this was not the only change. The Hebrew word was not changed or dropped. But the Hebrew word was dropped and the word alcoholic was created. So we find Alcoholic in the Greek and Hebrew scriptures. We know the word is in the Bible because it was used as a translation for drunkenness. What else can we infer?

Jesus Christ taught his disciples how to live according to the Scriptures. He says he does not write the teachings of Moses or anything else related to the Bible. He does not speak the words of Paul or anyone else associated with the Bible. He uses the Word of God itself. These things are written in Scripture.

But God’s Holy word has the ability to teach us spiritual life, as it speaks to our hearts and minds. In fact, God’s Holy word can tell us about how we live our lives that are in harmony with Scripture, in harmony with a spiritual life, in harmony with Jesus Christ himself.
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God reveals Himself in Scripture. Therefore, we are to apply our knowledge of Jesus Christ to our lives, so we can know and know that Christ loves us. Jesus loves us because He knows and understands us with His love.

Jesus teaches us how to be righteous using and living according to his Word. God’s Word is a living teaching and a living standard of righteousness. That is a standard that changes according to our righteousness. The standards Jesus uses is the standard which he uses as a guide to judge us. Jesus calls us to come and live by that living standard. He calls us to have the same standards for our lives as He has for His. He does not call us any others standard than His. This is what He means by saying, “All things have been given to me by my Father.”

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