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September 28, 2020

There are two main steps when you get tattooed; the first is to get a tattoo that matches your body design, and then to get a tattoo that’s completely separate to your body’s design, without any physical changes to the skin, that could be distracting (for example, having your tattoo appear on your forehead to see if a stranger looks at it.) There are also a variety of products that will change the look of your tattoo, such as lightening, laser treatments, and a variety of tattoo techniques. As you begin to think about the look and feel of your tattoo, you will also be able to decide on the tattoo artist who will get your tattoo. It’s important to get a tattoo that shows off your personality and the character behind your tattoo. As an added bonus, getting tattooed will be much easier in the long run than going to a tattoo shop and paying multiple dollars per inch!

MUSKEGON, MI – For three days in mid-August, crews worked around the clock to complete a multimillion-dollar renovation at the Muskegon County Courthouse.

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In fact, when crews were finished on Aug. 25, they would have taken the new building down more than 50 years for some 3,600 feet of new wiring and plumbing.

“Now we have a building that will be in a state-of-the art state of the art facility for the court system,” said Muskegon County Executive Mark Kauer. “The building is in good shape, and our court system was able to work its way through about 60 items which have been on the backlog which took a considerable amount of time.”

But there were still many of these items, which Kauer said it’s still uncertain when they will be completed, that required lengthy and complex paperwork to fill out with agencies such as the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The building is owned and operated by the county and was built by the New York-based National Assoc. of Building and Construction Trades to house its court system. It is the largest in the Muskegon County Courthouse complex.

According to Kauer, the county is now in negotiations to buy the building, but there were still challenges when it came to acquiring the building itself and completing the project.

“We would like to maintain it as an asset, but some of these work that we were dealing with didn’t occur until after we took it over,” Kauer said.

In addition to the building needs

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