Do lotus flowers grow in mud? – Tattoo Designs For Men Kids Names

September 21, 2020

Lotus trees and other succulents do in fact grow on mud. As they are soil-bearing plants, they need a fairly stable soil. The idea that they require mud for growing could be in any water-dwelling plant. However, because mud does not act as a soil, it would not benefit them. If the plants do require mud, then their root system will become compressed into a smaller space as the mud absorbs the roots’ energy source. Also, if they do experience the same conditions as mentioned before, these succulents may actually experience an early decline in growth.

What happens if you have to remove a lotus tree?

If all else fails, try moving the trees, but if they have had their root system compressed under the ground, make sure to move them into a new location. Also make sure you have enough fresh soil to replace the ones that were lost to the mud.

Is mud contaminated?

Mud is not necessarily harmful to plants that grow in it. But if you want to get rid of old water, you may want to use distilled or de-chlorinated water. It may take longer to remove all the muddy water that has taken root within the plant, but it may be more efficient if it is brought up to the surface.


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