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November 19, 2020

“Yeah…I mean, if you did, you’d be pretty great, wouldn’t you? I’ve got like three, but you do have to be careful. One of those’s going to be that you go over to the store and look at the other person’s tattoos while you look at mine. I’ll talk to them, and the best part is if there’s something where they’re going to be able to get inked, and I have, I don’t think I’ll be able to get inked up here. But you know, you’ll be all right. And I mean… I’ll do… It didn’t happen.”

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Welcome to the NERF Super Set! It’s not easy being the king of the Nerf wars! You’ve had years of practicing… and you’ve made tons of enemies too. You’re constantly fighting all sorts of evil, including the good guys. And you have your own arsenal of cool toys. Now the battle’s about to begin!

Introducing Nerf Super Set, a full line of exclusive Nerf characters, in stock and ready to ship!

Nerf Super Set is a huge, complete line of the Nerf Nerf guns we all know and love. NERF Super Line stands out as one of the most popular line of Nerf exclusives.

Nerf Super Line: We’ve Got Toys!

Nerf Super Line is a full line of high-quality toys for all Nerf fans, from beginners to seasoned soldiers. Every character in the line can be customized with a myriad of accessories and parts. This is where NERF and Nerf fans come together – we are all Nerf! These are the super figures we all know and have become comfortable with.

The NERF Super Line contains over 300 products designed to suit almost any Nerf player’s needs. Each product is well designed: they are easy to find, store, and customize in a wide variety of colors. But there’s a difference: each NERF product is hand made and the colors and details really stand out, so you know you’re getting the best NERF product.

“Boomer” by Nerf fan “TheNerfMaster”

From the NERF Super Line are the NERF Super and NERF Super Plus lines. Both lines feature iconic characters. Nerf Super is the best series and comes with

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