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August 20, 2020

No, we’re not going back to the old days of getting more tattoos. So there’s no way a person has two tattoos a day, but there’s no shortage of people that do.

What happened to the original Waco Tattoo?

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Originally, in 2006, we were all in an art gallery in a bar in the University Village area of Waco and somebody decided to have a barber with a beard and one of us was going to have a big scar on my buttock to prove that I was black and one of them in the barber shop decided to get in touch with me and ask me if I wanted to do a tattoo and I said sure, and the next thing I know I was in a downtown tattoo parlor. This was back before the modern tattooed art world really took shape and the idea and the concept of being a tattooed hipster and then trying to sell it in an art gallery came out. It wasn’t like, “You’re gonna get a tattoo on your butt because that’s one of the things we need to sell.”

I thought, “Well, if he’s going to run around with the hair coming out of his chin and his eyes popping out of his head or whatever, I’m not going to do a big tattoo like this,” but one of the dudes at the barber shop I worked with said, “Hey man, we got a guy at the salon that’s looking after some black guys. He would really like a tattoo on his buttock.” I said, “I know that guy,” and he said, “Yeah, but he’s the owner of the salon.” So, I asked him if he could get a tattoo there on the buttock, but he said no, so I made a joke about it and one of the guys who were at the tattoo shop got on a megaphone and said, “I’ve got a client that wants a tattoo on his ass and a client wants a tattoo on his buttock.” So I’m like, “You gotta give this dude a tattoo,” and then he said, “No, sir, he can get the buttock, I can get the buttock!” He has an artist that he’s working with that creates the art in the back, and he asked me if I would be willing to make both art pieces and at the same time tattoo them on two guys, and I said yes.

What would you say your artistic inspirations were? What’s a tattoo

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