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August 23, 2020

There will be more to say about this but I think there is one important point which needs to be made. While Christians are the only ones who should be allowed to eat or drink alcohol, their sins can apply to all humankind. To the same extent that Christ is the only one who was crucified with some of the world’s worst criminals (as is well documented in Goulder’s book, The Christ Conspiracy) so too can Christians be held accountable for the sins of the world. There is nothing, not even a little bit, to be offended by Christians’ abstention from wine and alcohol, or wine and beer. Indeed the only thing the Bible makes me angry is that they even are allowed to eat of God’s vineyard.

There are several ways that the world may offend your heart. One is to see that your sin carries an eternal penalty, such as hell, eternal separation from God, or eternal death on a chain of hellfire for a multitude of sins.

Second, the sin has to cross a line between acceptable and permissible. If you eat some alcohol, it is okay to consume that drink in moderation, with perhaps some wine added. But if Jesus can cause us to believe that alcohol consumption is perfectly licit, then we are not just accepting the sin. We are accepting the sin without the slightest bit of guilt. But you don’t just think that God did it and you have no shame in admitting that you have committed a sin so grievous that you would not want to admit to God what really happened to you, the same way a person who has been raped knows that it is okay to ask for forgiveness.

The point is, it does not matter what kind of sin you commit, it does not matter whether you drink or not drink. It matters that you repent of your sin before God. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that God does not judge me just because I drank a martini. It is a mercy of God to allow me to live a life of peace and humility when I do not drink a glass of wine with someone I love.

What’s your story on alcohol? Do you avoid all alcohol, some, many?

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I am not sure when this question was asked of me personally but I believe that the response would be, “I never drink. I’ve never even seen an alcoholic.” I have met a few who try to drink regularly, to avoid sin. I have met a few who have tried to abstain and drink but are

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