Can Christians drink alcohol? – Koi Fish With Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

November 12, 2020

Yes, but only as a sacrament

Is the Bible to be trusted as an authoritative guide to faith? Yes, for Christians.

It is the most popular evangelical book of all time – a book that has sold over half a million copies!

Is the Bible to be believed? Yes and no.

How can the Bible be trusted as a trustworthy source of faith? Read the whole Bible. If you don’t believe, find someone who does. Do you need a Christian professor to be a moral compass for you? That would be like trying to steer an ocean liner with a compass.

Does the Bible speak without error? The Bible never errs.

What do you believe? The Bible doesn’t. In fact, it’s hard to believe that anyone could believe anything but the Bible does. And here are all the obvious reasons why:

Because it has been given to us, and we can’t take it or believe anything else

By our original covenant God, through Jesus, all the believers are free to say what they believe or not believe as they choose, but they cannot lie about what they believe or not believe

All people are equal under God – no matter what they believe. In the Book of Genesis, God made Adam the first man, and there is no contradiction between Adam being the first man and Jesus being the Messiah. However, all people are God’s chosen people, and Adam was chosen, so it would be wrong to take Jesus’s claim as having come from Adam down to his descendants, and thus to believe that they are not God’s chosen people.

All people are created in the image of God

All Christians should be equal under God

All people will live after Adam’s death after he has passed on

In the Bible, God is not the Almighty Creator or Ruler of the Universe (although he does rule the universe), but He is the one who makes people feel good. God is not angry with man, yet we are always angry with him. In the Bible, God is the “God of peace”, and there is never a problem, because God is so loving. It is in the Bible that we learn that God is the one God who is capable of loving. We must not make God hate us by calling him “evil”. God is love.

Are the laws of God set in stone? If there are laws in the Bible, why do we have the “free will” to disobey the laws and to

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