Can Christians drink alcohol? – Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Women Meaningful

September 17, 2020

A: It depends on what the question is. Most Christians can’t drink alcohol, but some of the churches in the Middle East, even in Jordan have a rule, that if a Christian is not drinking in a community, he or she must abstain.

Q: Is Christian prayer allowed at the beginning of the New Year?

A: That is a matter of individual conscience. In recent years there have been many reports where Christians have seen Christians not praying in the church on a certain day. That is the opinion of many Christians and the opinion of the church.

Q: Is it allowed for the Orthodox Church or Protestant Churches to celebrate the Christmas and Easter on the same day?

A: No. It is a matter of conscience for them.

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Q: Will there not be a Sunday fast next year?

A: It depends on your church. The churches in Iran, Iraq and Israel have said that it is necessary to fast on a certain Sunday of all Christians in their churches.

Q: Who is allowed to give Christmas greetings to the faithful, and who is not?

A: The local bishop has the right to give greetings. But if there are no other Christians in the community, then the bishop has the liberty, but he is obliged to follow their example.

Q: If a young Christian person wishes to celebrate Christmas in Iran, he must invite a pastor to come to his house to teach him the holiday. How does that work?

A: The pastor will be there to offer prayers to the Almighty, as is required by the law. And then he will ask him to keep the day holy and to pray. That will be done.

Q: Are there any special rules for Christian women during the Christmas season?

It depends on how the church decides it. For instance, some women are required to attend services in their home and to pay a special tax. However, most Christian women in Iran are not bothered by it.

Q: Is it allowed for Iranian Christians to celebrate a birthday in the same way as a non-Iranian Muslim?

A: No. It depends on who is the master of the birthday. If a secular Iranian Christian is the master of the birthday, those events are not for him or her, however, a Muslim should be a guest for the day.

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