Can Catholics get tattoos? – Tattoo Designsmom Dad

August 30, 2020

It depends who you ask. Some people think tattoos are a sinful act. Others don’t.

A former member of the Catholic Church says Catholics must get tattoos (1:24). Others say that Catholic institutions must give a special reason for doing so and that the tattoos are a part of the Catholic faith. The former member, Michael O’Leary, goes on to say that he doesn’t understand religious leaders saying they have to tattoo themselves – that’s where he thinks their religious convictions come in. He also explains that he isn’t sure how many Catholics actually get tattoos.

And then there’s the guy who claims that Catholics just get a different kind of tattoo (2:06). Why does he think Catholic institutions would be okay with having tattooed themselves – not to me, but I could see how an institution may have trouble deciding what kind of tattoo to get.

So if someone thinks the Catholic Church gives a special reason for getting tattoos, don’t go there. Not at all. That guy is really trying to sell a bad product, a product that probably doesn’t exist, to someone who already thinks there are some bad things inside the Catholic Church.

If someone thinks the Catholic Church would consider it alright if an institution tattooed itself – well, yeah, you have a point there, too, since nobody would ever do that. But if someone thinks that the institution would do it because of its religious beliefs, it won’t work out that way, because religion is a complicated thing.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is calling for Mayor-elect Muriel E. Bowser to meet with Baltimore City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young as the two meet “for immediate transition,” sources said.

Sources said Bowser met with Young, who has been a leader in a long-running battle over property tax increases for the city. Under the deal reached by the city, Baltimore will allow up to 6,000 new residential property tax payers per year to buy homes, but the council’s authority to raise additional property tax revenue is limited.

The mayor-elect’s plan has run into trouble because the council doesn’t have the votes to pass it.

Bowser, who has been a strong proponent of property tax increases — she’s pushing a proposal for a one-year property tax freeze for homeowners — is said to be seeking the council’s support early in the transition process, officials said.

Young, who has championed the Baltimore deal, is the mayor-

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