Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Tattoo Designs For Women On Wrist And Hand

October 22, 2020

I have been going to the tattoo parlors on the beach for years. I have had tons of tattoos. I have had lots of body art. I have had a lot of tattoos and I feel like I’m an art lover, although I love art.”

“I love the tattoo culture. I’ve had a lot of tattoos and tattoo artists that I love, so it wasn’t something I necessarily would’ve been like ‘Wow!’ You know, to be honest.”

Tattoos are an art form that is very traditional. “It’s very, very special because, to me, it’s a celebration. It’s a way of showing a community that you have love for a group of people that you care for.”

“For me, it’s a form of entertainment,” says Samoan tattooist Sam DellaSala, who has tattoos on both his legs on a black background. “I’m going into the sunset. I’m on a dark hill that’s being flooded in the moonlight, and I’m putting an image through my skin that says, ‘My mother doesn’t see me anymore.'”

“I was in school where I spent a lot of time, and I thought, ‘Wow!’ I’ve tattooed on one leg, and I’ve had tattoos on other legs. It’s like there’s a community of people with tattoos,” says Nick Taitanui, also of Maui. While it’s different from New Zealand, New Zealand tattooing is about “a family,” says Nick.
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“And so if you get a new tattoo, you can say, ‘I was adopted from my mum and father.’ Your parents and your family have to be tattooed on your chest.”

“That’s why I put a cross in my tattoo, because I’ve had people who have been shot and killed on my hands. So my tattoos are the scars of the people who have helped me reach the moon.”

It’s the tattooers who inspire Samoans to take tattoos seriously. “I remember a big, very colorful tattoo artist saying to me, ‘It’s like, ‘He’s having a blast with the water in the boat.’ That really caught my attention.”

That water that is Maui tattoos. They may be watery, but they also have a kind of beauty and energy. Some who say they like them, like one man, tattooed on their neck for about 12 years. Other people like tattoos but don’t want to

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