Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Black Tribal Rose Tattoo Designs

October 26, 2020

(That is an official question.)

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And you’ve got other questions: When was the first time you got out of bed? (Probably 4 a.m. or so.) What was your first night out of bed like? (As if you don’t love waking up in a bed with a man.) What’s your worst night ever? (When someone told you about their ex-spouse.) Is that what your boyfriend looks like? (That’s also an official question.) Which is your favorite thing to share with your friends? (That’s also an official question.) Have you ever used the word “weird”? (Never. Do you think I’m weird in the same way that you think I’m weird?) Do you think you should have made a career of music in college? (Yes. I’ve decided to.) What was your first gig? (Oh boy. What a gig for me. It was at a little bar in town. I had just been laid off from my job. I didn’t really know the sign or ask any question.) Do you have a “special place” in your heart for a particular girl? (If only I had one. She’s not my type.) Do you think your style is good? (Yes. I love fashion. I think it defines me.) Do you think you are ugly? (Yes. I am ugly. Not because I have a big nose and a big forehead, but I did get a really bad case of acne.) Will you be my roommate anymore? (No. I’m moving from town. I’ve already started looking.) Do you think your new job is a good one? (No. I didn’t like it at all.) Can we talk about any other questions you have? (I can’t remember. So… no.) Are you getting a tattoo soon? (Yes. I have got my own tattoo.) Is it your job now? (That is an official question.) I love having you around. Please don’t ever leave.

All that being said, it’s very sad to report that this last interview went really, really well. I had so much fun talking to him, and even though I did not get a great answer to any of my questions, I did not give up. I had to try for a little bit, but my hope was to be polite, kind to the interviewee and, of course, to try and tell them that their job is much more rewarding than the average “job” these days. I

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