Are tattoos haram? – Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs With Shadows Longer

November 11, 2020

It’s easy to fall into a trap regarding this topic, especially when the Islamic text has been misinterpreted by the western world to mean “all types of tattoos.” It’s simply not true. The Quran explicitly says that the ink of a man shall be lawful, and that of a woman must be lawful; (Surah al-Anfal) and (Surah al-Nur), but other texts (Surah al-Hadeeth) say differently – and even the majority of Islamic scholars who support the prohibition on tattoos hold a moderate view, sometimes saying that tattoos are permissible.

The Quran mentions a very good reason for it, although we don’t discuss that very much in these articles. First, tattoos are decorative, in that they represent an identity, and when the person who wears the tattoo is one of many, it could be used to show his uniqueness; secondly, it can represent a physical attribute, in that it represents beauty, but not necessarily purity, which is seen in some tattoos.

The fact is, many people use tattoos in all kinds of ways. A small tattoo of one letter of the alphabet (or another symbol) can be quite a sight, especially in the Western world, and many people believe tattoos represent “pure,” “pure” women, and that is simply false. The Quran says that men with ink should always be with men, men dressed in clean garments should always be with clean garments, and a woman wearing an embroidered dress wearing a gold necklace is to be seen with a man wearing gold.

So what about the Muslims who use tattoos for religious reasons?

There’s a very large segment of Muslim families, mainly in North America, who use tattoos as symbols to bring forth the message of unity and love, and in this way they have a very positive impact on their community.

We have many wonderful examples, such as the Muslim children of the Sikh community who wear Sikh robes and wear a turban which symbolizes unity, and even have a “sikh” festival where they celebrate a unique practice in Sikh culture, the Sikh wedding, which is often quite a unique event in many Muslim families, many of whom are not known to wear turbans and sometimes wear other tattoos to express this difference.

The same holds true for tattoos of Jewish and Christian people, which are often symbolic of community and religious identity – and therefore, a positive impact on the community.

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