Are tattoos haram? – Tattoo Ideas For Female Chest

September 7, 2020

Do they not require the permission of the Prophet (peace be upon him), a makruh at the time of making them?

The above were the arguments in a letter written by the Shaykh Zuhur Rahman to one Shaykh in which he was asked about tattoos being haram or obligatory for the Muslim. He replied,

In my view, there is a situation in which a person has a tattoo and it has, in essence, a makruh condition; he is not permitted to continue this tattoo. If it is merely a marker or a mark for identification and not for any religious reason, it is permissible because the condition of that condition, of being makruh, is no more than a mark used in conjunction with or in lieu of a scarlet thread. (Source: Muslim.org)

In the current era of the internet and social media, it is no longer acceptable for some people to ignore religious prohibition and still adhere to a lifestyle they believe is “sustainable”. This is evident from the fact that many people still get tattoos and some, perhaps, still love to get tattoos. This has prompted Shaykh Dr. A. A. Zaynab Al-Muhdha to issue a fatwa on a Muslim who has tattoos for religious reasons.

I do not have much to say on that matter because, frankly, it seems that those who want their children to get a tattoo often want to do a lot more wrong than just what is in their “heart”. In a Facebook post titled, “The Prophet’s Toned and His Response”, Shaykh Zuhur Rahman states,

Let us look at this situation, as we are all the time seeing these days, I know of many people wanting to get a tattoo for some religious or cultural reasons, either to honor the Prophet (peace be upon him) or to mark their own status. While this is permissible. This is the wrong way of thinking and this is not the right path for Islamic scholars and Muslims.

I have decided to post this fatwa because I think it is the right way of thinking to do things in order to preserve one’s heart and soul. I also think that we are all in a need to look at the reality, that the majority of people in this world, even people living in modern-day America, will continue to get tattoos or other similar forms of “markings” in time of distress and in many ways, because they may also be seeking to affirm

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