Which country is the largest producer of saffron? – Spring Crocus Saffron

October 1, 2020

India is the largest producer, accounting for about 14% of global production. The South African region is a global leader in this area with more than 50% of worldwide production. The largest producer in Brazil is Chitwan, the second largest in Asia.

According to the International Union for Agricultural Research and Development (IURI), India is the second largest producer of the spice in 2017. It’s followed by Nigeria and China with each manufacturing 4 to 6,000 tonnes a year. But in 2017, India had over 40,000 tons produced in just two days, which is a huge increase. The country’s economy is expected to grow 10.5% in 2017, which is more than twice the projected growth of 7.8% last year according to global financial company Jefferies.

If we combine South Africa’s production of 7,200 tonnes and India’s production of 30,900 tons and use the South African rate for the price per kilo of saffron, we get 7.2 kilo of saffron per kilo for the two countries. India was previously selling at a price of 12 kilo per kilo in 2011, but today sells at a price of 19 kilo per kilo as of Dec. 8, 2017.

India is the second highest producer of saffron in Africa. Of countries with more than 5,000 tonnes of production, India has the second lowest supply while Nigeria and Brazil are the largest producers.

In 2017, India made an average daily yield of 567 metric tonnes of saffron. As of the end of Dec. 11, 2017, over 6,000 tonnes worth of saffron had been produced according to the South African Agriculture Organisation. According to the IERF, India had over 30,000 tonnes of saffron worth nearly 15,400 million rand last year.

The price of saffron has recently shot up, with the average price of the spice reaching as much as Rs. 6 per kg in 2016. In 2016, the average price per kilo was around 10 cents. This year, the average price of saffron is already over 10 cents and it remains stable at Rs.4.5 per kg till this date.

What are the benefits of eating saffron?

When it comes to health benefits, saffron has many unique benefits. It can lower blood cholesterol levels, reduce the incidence of diabetes by 5% and also help prevent urinary stones. It is also the

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