What’s the most expensive metal in the world? – Where Does Saffron Grow Best

September 11, 2020

Titanium is. But the top of the line is probably platinum — although, in a world of cheap diamonds and diamonds are killing us, that’s a little hard to swallow, too.

To find out this kind of stuff, we were asked to try to figure out what people think is the second-most costly metal in the world, as measured by the value of its metal, its weight in grams and its weight in ounces — the value of these quantities in a dollar.

As you will notice, some things don’t make the list. Gold still comes in at No. 1, and platinum is No. 2. And copper — while it’s the most common metal in the world — comes in at a close third place behind gold and platinum, which put them at $7,000 and $7,900, respectively.

Gold is the most expensive metal, and it comes in at the very top. As you might expect, the other metals aren’t exactly the same. The metal with the most valuable weight in ounces or grams is zinc, the third-most expensive metal. But zinc is only worth $250 a troy ounce, while platinum is only worth $8,500.

A few things stand out here. For example, zinc is made largely of zinc sulfide, a metal that’s about 2/3 lighter, and it holds its metal in solution by forming a solid, liquid-like layer. Meanwhile, most metals form solid crystals that, when melted down, give off lots of heat. For these reason, zinc is made into the metal you get when you melt some zinc into some water. Platinum, the other stuff that’s often called the “metal of the grave,” is made mostly of platinum group metals.

You would’ve thought that the reason platinum is only worth something close to $8,500 per troy ounce, rather that $50,000 or even $100,000, was because it has a lot of other stuff going for it. But this picture doesn’t quite capture the diversity or uniqueness of all these metals — and there’s a lot to be learned with this kind of data. It also isn’t terribly useful for making predictions about prices.

But here we are, in the last couple weeks. It’s now time to start figuring out which metals will top the charts this year.

We’ll be doing our very first roundup of metals rankings this month. We’ll see who’s No. 1 first.

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