What’s the most expensive metal in the world? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seat Brackets

October 5, 2020

The second most expensive metal in the world is palladium. That’s what I call the “cheaper-than-gold” metal. It costs around $16 per gram, compared to gold, which is $15 per gram.

Palladium is used in everything from watches to jewelry to electronics and electronics accessories.

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Here’s a more detailed explanation of each metal’s pricing and cost per gram, provided by the International Price Guide for Metal Exchange (IPMEX).

The bottom line is that silver prices are more important to investors than gold prices, but not by that much. But, the more time you will invest in silver, the more “dollars to dollars” you will gain. The price of silver today has more than doubled since 2008, as you will see below.

Silver prices and the stock market

The Silver Market was a good market for me financially. In a recent essay in Failing Fast, I stated that we should continue to hold gold because of Silver’s inherent value as money. I would also add that silver would outperform gold because it is cheaper to produce. But, as I noted in Failing Fast, the value of silver does not necessarily correlate to its value on the ground.

In the article, I showed how the stock market was a bad investment at the time, and I also stated why silver is not worth as much today as it was a decade ago. At the time, gold was roughly double the price of silver.

Silver is the lowest priced metal in the world. The silver market’s price is actually around 0.6 to 1.5 cents per gram. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually worth less than a buck per ounce of silver. Here’s who gets the most silver today versus the price of silver.

The top producers of silver today are China and Canada (see chart)

The Silver Market can create a lot of good opportunities for you. Investors are also looking to diversify into silver into different metals.

I have a great article on mining silver in an upcoming Failing Fast blog titled Why Mining Silver Is The Gold Standard For Investment. I’m also going to be focusing on silver miners in the next two posts.

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