What is the most expensive spice in the world? – Where Does Saffron Grow Best

August 6, 2020

If someone is very rich they may have their personal taste in the world in which they live and then put their spice on the shelves. Some people love chilies and others hate garlic. You can think about it as that person’s own choice. It depends on what someone tastes most strongly and is a product of their own personal experience.

Alfie: I have the experience personally of liking green herbs and having them in my kitchen. Sometimes I don’t love it just yet. I just make something up. I will use it however or what I feel works; my wife likes it especially.

Vina: I love ginger.

Alison: I love basil. It’s a great complement.

Kerri: I love garlic too. I’m not a big fan. I love garlic and salt. You have to experiment with them.

Alison: I like a lot of different spice flavors. I’m a spice junkie. I can’t resist a nice mix of spices in a dish. The more variety, the better.

Kerri: It really depends on the spice. I love chilies all the way around the world; even the ones that are not my home spice.

Vina: I have a lot of people from India that come to visit here. I love cinnamon and orange.

Alison: I don’t like sweet. I know I like spicy food sometimes but I’m just not bothered by sweetness.

Alison: I never have had an issue with bitterness. There is a certain bitterness to food that I’m afraid of but it does not matter. Sometimes we have to get down to brass tacks with certain things. Sometimes it makes sense to have salt in a dish.

Alison: My husband and I enjoy hot weather.

Vina: I love spicy foods. I just have to be very careful about that.

Alfie: I would have to say the red pepper and the coriander just because I am Indian, so I eat them a lot. I guess I have to be really careful.

Kerri: I have an Indian woman here who cooks and eats spicy food. Her friends and family also use it. I love it. We can’t decide what to eat.

Vina: When I first started cooking, I was scared of onions, which I was used to. I thought I was going to have a heart attack trying them. They’re one

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