What is the highest quality saffron? – Saffron Seeds

October 18, 2020

According to our research, it’s actually the least saturated saffron, and that’s the gold standard of saffron.

The lowest quality saffron is the least saturated. (Photo: Daniel MacGuire)

The reason saffron has a lot of health benefits is because it contains phytoestrogen, known as the “green tea” of saffron. Phytoestrogens make sure that food molecules become smaller, which is important to absorb nutrients.

Saffron can also have antioxidant properties, as a source of vitamins A and C and of catechin, a compound often linked with improved mood, according to University of Virginia School of Medicine researchers.

Saffron comes from the flower of a plant in the species Salvia hispanica. (Photo: Daniel MacGuire)

Saffron is a popular choice of seasoning for Italian dishes, where it’s often used to bring out the natural flavors of saffron flowers. (Saffron can also be made as a spice-infused oil for cooking. Saffron flowers are actually roasted and crushed and added to wine and hot chocolate, before they are filtered and distilled.)

Other things to know about saffron:

It’s known for its health benefits

It contains a high concentration of phytoestrogens like catechin, found in saffron plants

It contains antioxidants to combat free radicals and protect the body from free-radical damage

Saffron has high vitamin E content, said the researchers who conducted the study, and also possesses a high level of antioxidants, which make it a great source of vitamin B(6).

How to find good saffron in your area

Although the exact origin of saffron is still up for debate, researchers say that it comes from the plant of the same name in the Indian subcontinent.

In order to make saffron more accessible, you might want to try purchasing your saffron online. This is the best option, as there are several suppliers who can ship it to your specific area.

One of the most reputable sources for saffron is the University of Virginia’s Food Science and Nutrition Research Center. You’ll find a list of the best suppliers here.

But even if you don’t go online, try going to a market by car or walking. A farmer will be very excited to show you his or her beautiful farm

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