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September 15, 2020

1. Best saffron for roasting

2. Best dried saffron

3. Best for making biryani: sambar

4. Most desired saffron

5. Best saffron for eating with biryani

6. Best saffron for making butter

7. Top 10 saffron dishes

8. Best saffron desserts

9. Best saffron dishes in my heart.

10. Best saffron recipes

If you like Indian food, then come one day, visit my favorite chai. We will have chai at 7:30 every morning at the table. If you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner there, you will notice that they have lots of dishes with saffron in them. The chai, they make with my favorite dry saffron – called Ghee Chai.

I do not cook Indian food, but I do love to make it. For the past 3 years, I am using only fresh saffron and not any other plant, including the ghee chai that I use so much. I know that ghee chai can be expensive and that you will need a lot of ghee, but I do not care. If you want fresh, it is best to go with fresh ghee chai. I do not use any artificial colorings or enhancers, and I have used it in hundreds of recipes.

This is a recipe that I was originally going to use for the Chant-dast-khaang but it didn’t suit the chai. It was too spicy for it. In the last year, I created it with ghee and it is so delicious every time that I made it with ghee chai.

I also added the dried saffron a little bit, and it gives it a gorgeous color. Some people do not like the flavor of the dried saffrons mixed in the Ghee Chai with the saffron though, so I added some fresh saffron and it really adds a wonderful flavor. I used this exact amount for this recipe and you can adjust a bit, I just want you to enjoy it. If you don’t have any dry saffron and you want to make the saffron ghee chai, be my guest and make it with dried saffron – it tastes perfect the first time.

This is my Chant-d

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