What is the difference between turmeric and saffron? – How To Grow Saffron For Profit

September 17, 2020

Turmeric is one of the most widely used spices in South Asian cuisine. (Most Indian spices are made by grinding dried spices and adding sugar to them.) The difference between this spice and saffron is not in the amount of sugar added; it is how it is ground into powder and used. All saffron is made by heating saffron stalks and seeds over high heat in a hot pan for an extended period, where the heat produces a frothy, gooey, but fragrant, fluid substance that forms a sort of paste (also called a pasteurization agent). Since both turmeric and saffron are not pure, both come from plants with naturally occurring antimicrobial compounds, and both were used in ancient times by the Arabs for healing and curative purposes. Turmeric was used in India for hundreds of years and became highly valued in South Asia during the Middle Ages to treat a number of conditions, including gout (a chronic intestinal ailment), gouty arthritic arthritis (disease caused by arthritis, inflammation, and inflammation), and the skin (fungal and bacterial infections). All these conditions were believed to be caused by the presence of enzymes. In India, turmeric has traditionally been used to treat gouty arthritic joints, and it was originally used to relieve gouty skin conditions. During medieval times, it was thought that turmeric could also be an effective medicine for fever (usually a skin disease) that developed when the body’s immune system, or its anti-viral defense system, was overwhelmed and overstimulated (i.e. attacked); it used in this way is called as an “herbal fever remedy.” At that time, all the countries (including India) in the world started to use turmeric to treat fever. This is what gave turmeric its nickname of “turmeric of India.” In South Asia, turmeric has a history of being used not only to treat fever but also as a medicine for the treatment of many common ailments. Today, turmeric is used in Asia and Europe for a number of different purposes; many of which have to do with health and wellness. The two most famous uses of turmeric include it being used in Ayurveda, and in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Here is what can be found in Ayurvedic medicine:

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How does turmeric work? Many people understand that turmeric is used as a spice because of its distinctive color or smell. However, what many

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